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Posted on: 11 Jun, 2018


Self-care for men has come a long way from the days when males were ridiculed for expressing a remote interest in personal grooming, a routine that is now so ubiquitous hardly anyone ever bats an eyelid.

Perhaps the most seminal moment on film depicting a super meticulous self-care routine and obsessive detailing came from Patrick Bateman, the 27-year-old wealthy Wall Street investment banker and villain protagonist of Bret Easton Ellis’ hit novel, American Psycho. While Bateman’s other lifestyle habits are undeniably reprehensible, there’s no shame in implementing the rigorous regimen he adheres to. After all, the devil is in the details.



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As the world’s oldest barber-specialist, the folks at Truefitt and Hill have offered grooming services and products to discerning gentlemen for over two centuries, providing them with every opportunity to look and feel their very best. Take the Burlington Travel Box Set for example. Looking your best while on the road has never looked so easy or stylish. And the Razor & Brush set? It fuses functionality with aesthetics, a combination that should earn pride of place anywhere you travel.



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For many men, having a healthy head of hair is of paramount importance. Much like our skin, what we put in our hair will affect its appearance and health over time. Investing in a quality shampoo and conditioner can help prevent damaging effects. The Vitamin E Shampoo and Conditioner from Truefitt and Hill not only nourish and moisturise, its handsome packaging will brighten up any bathroom. With its Styling Wax or Paste, a small amount goes a long way to styling up an immaculate look.


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Edited at 18/07/2018

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