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Our Barbers and Specialists catering to the exacting standards of London's gentry,
when vanity and good grooming were the essential mark of the gentleman,
Truefitt and Hill offers its demanding clientele a new level of service unsurpassed anywhere in the world.


Our Barbers


Leroy has a strong passion in barbering, having pursued it as a career over the past 12 years. He joined our team recently and has displayed his excellent skills, quickly building a loyal following to keep them looking sharp.

Louis has spent a better part of 10 years honing his skills in the barbering industry, he continues to share his valuable expertise with his colleagues and the next generation of barbers. Your next haircut with Louis will be the best one yet!


Hailing from Turkey, where barbering has long been a ritual steeped in tradition, Erdal brings his experience both in and out of the barber chair to us here at Truefitt and Hill Singapore. If precision is your thing, Erdal will wow you with his steady hand.

Ashish is well-loved amongst clients for his friendly demeanour and his great level of service. His attention to detail when it comes to shaving is a true joy to experience; book a Shape and Shave with Ashish today!

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